How to unblock blocked websites in windows 10 (2021) Solved

  Finding out that certain content is blocked in your location due to licencing, copyright, or your country's belief that a functioning adult should not be permitted to view something online is one of the worst feelings you can have.

Without getting into the reasons why something isn't available through your ISP, we should know how to utilise VPNs to unblock this material and enjoy our surfing and browsing without being restricted by borders, as the internet was supposed to be.

However, there are techniques to unlock restricted websites on your Windows PC. Although prohibitions are issued by concerned authorities in the sake of public safety, these censorship powers can be abused.


Virtual Proxy Network is abbreviated as VPN. This facilitates the connection of an internet device to a secondary network. On your Windows PCs, you will be able to view any banned website.VPNs allow users to download various software and browse websites that are streaming in a different country. VPNs may also be used to unblock any websites that are currently blocked. There are different  VPN providers to choose from. Some of them offer their services for free, while others demand a little fee.

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2-Use Proxy Websites

Many workplaces forbid employees from using social media sites like Twitter or YouTube at work. They believe it diverts employees' attention away from their primary tasks. To get over this problem, you'll need to use a proxy website to unblock the banned websites. Proxy websites are an excellent method to accomplish this. It's vital to remember, however, that utilising a VPN is more secure than utilising an unblocked proxy.

3-Google Translator

Google Translator is seldom banned by governmental or institutional authorities. It's possible that it's not banned since it's an educational tool that's not considered as a danger when it comes to unblocking prohibited websites.

It is, however, a simple technique to access a site that has been blocked. You may simply translate the restricted site into a language you understand. In this case, Microsoft's Bing translation service can help.

4- Chrome or Firefox extensions

Installing Google Chrome extensions might assist you in accessing websites that are blocked in Chrome. In reality, it functions similarly to Method 3. The Google Chrome extension, on the other hand, is exclusively accessible for Google Chrome. You may select from hundreds of VPN extensions to discover one that works for you. 

5-URL shortener

Using a redirection service like Bitly, TinyURL. or cutt.le to reduce down your site's URL is one way worth attempting to get around website restrictions. Then just put the short URL into your browser's address bar and see what happens. Your banned website will open if the method succeeds. If not, it was simply a matter of seconds to affirm.